Kitchen Update: End of Day Three

As of today we (Team Codner-Armstrong) have progreesed the kitchen project as follows:
  1. Strip Plastic Coated pain from walls.
  2. A little more wallpaper stripping.
  3. Remove remaining nails from joists.
  4. filling and sanding of the near 9000 rawl plug holes (Only Slight Exaggeration).
  5. Fit the conduit for the existing sockets
  6. Wire in the low voltage lights (Under kitchen cupboard).
  7. Drain down central heating and cap off old pipes in ceiling void.
  8. Make good the power chases
  9. Remove remaining tile adhesive from the floor
  10. Sink existing fridge power socket into the wall (Flush mount to match rest)
  11. Secure low voltage lighting cables under worktops
  12. Plaster board the ceiling!
  13. Cut and install the wall cabinet top / bottom trim panels
  14. Get worktops professionally fitted
  15. Tile walls
  16. Remove dust from nasal cavity again :)


  1. For a man who's ill on his holidays, you're very productive ;-)

  2. The only sickness that counts in our house is the in hospital variety!

  3. need a new bathroom ... how you fixed!

  4. I assume your kidding! New radiator to fit tomorrow.