TC: Newark Castle

Dawn, Danica and I settled on a day out today rather than doing any kitchen work. Apparently an xmas fair at newark show ground whch allowed me to escape for a while and take some snaps of the castle and nearby river.


Kitchen Update: End of Day Three

As of today we (Team Codner-Armstrong) have progreesed the kitchen project as follows:
  1. Strip Plastic Coated pain from walls.
  2. A little more wallpaper stripping.
  3. Remove remaining nails from joists.
  4. filling and sanding of the near 9000 rawl plug holes (Only Slight Exaggeration).
  5. Fit the conduit for the existing sockets
  6. Wire in the low voltage lights (Under kitchen cupboard).
  7. Drain down central heating and cap off old pipes in ceiling void.
  8. Make good the power chases
  9. Remove remaining tile adhesive from the floor
  10. Sink existing fridge power socket into the wall (Flush mount to match rest)
  11. Secure low voltage lighting cables under worktops
  12. Plaster board the ceiling!
  13. Cut and install the wall cabinet top / bottom trim panels
  14. Get worktops professionally fitted
  15. Tile walls
  16. Remove dust from nasal cavity again :)

Rufford Park (Northern End)


Traffic Stats for September 2010

Pageviews by Operating Systems

1,834 (86%)
128 (6%)
Other Unix
78 (3%)
33 (1%)
27 (1%)
7 (<1%)
4 (<1%)
4 (<1%)
1 (<1%)
1 (<1%)

Scarborough Pic's from Summer 2005


This was from the morning where the farmer tried to chase me off.

Somehow I think it was worth it.

Sunset over towards Blidworth

This one was an interesting idea, the foreground was lit using my car headlights (Dip Beam).

Sunsets at County Hall

At about 6pm the other night left work and saw a really nice sunset beginning just at the other side of the river from County Hall. Camera out of bag and here are the results.


Walkabout 09.10.10 (Rainworth Heath)

Digital Timer for Samsung NX10

Lenses and crop factor's

I have decided the camera world is a little odd, where else would a badge say 18 to 55mm on a lens and actually mean 28.8mm to 88mm once the crop factor is taken into account? If the lens is designed for an APS-C mount then repaint the lens so it actually reflects what it does whilst on that mount.

For sale on ebay already: 1 x Samsung 30mm, pancake lens, for NX10.

I am currently watching the following on ebay (Samsung 30mm, S30NB, pancake lens, for NX10)

Samyang Look like the 1st to market with NX10 Lens.

Manual Focus and aperture, but gets good reviews, they also do a 8mm fisheye for £200 ish.

Ebay UK Samyang 85mm

I must remember to to talk to John Armstrong about the Pentax K to NX10 mounts which  we touched upon the other week. I really need to know what or which Pentax lens is a good buy.


NX10 Firmware Update to v1.20 (Released Today)

Just updated the camera firmware after an email from Samsung saying a new version was available. The new version add or enhances the following features:

Impartial review of my camera (Samsung NX10 Hybrid)

Clearly not one of mine

Spotted this one on Digital SLR Mag's site, very impressive piece of photoshop wizzardry.
I am impressed with how they have managed to paint with smoke. Must try this one.

Visit to Rainworth lakes

Today was really one of those mornings where it looks for the world that staying in and watching TV was to only option, however just after lunch the skies cleared and the urge to go for a walk with the camera took over.


Interesting HF Freq

Flicking around on the HF radio this evening and stumbled on 8891KHz which appears to be Gander Radio.


Lumsdale Falls 2 Revisited.

PB pointed out that most of the lumsdale images had a green colour cast (thanks Paul for the heads up) As usual I just did not see it! Enough said.
Here is two I think I fixed.

Local October Sunsets


Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre (Photoshop Experiment)

Rework of an existing image from an earlier visit by MP and myself to the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre. Basically needed to replace the sky and tweak the colurs with Topaz Adjust.

Pleasley Mill Managers Houses (Before & After)


Beetroot Kings 2010 (My Nephew's The Lead Singer / Song Writer)

My nephew (Gary) is the lead singer / song writer of a local band called the beetroot kings, they can be found on facebook and also on my space.
You can also sample then purchase some of there music on the iTunes store.