Gregory Crewdson

Whilst drinking coffee the other week Mark Pugh showed me a book which showcased the work of Gregory Crewdson, who is a specialist photographer who shoots staged photo's, some of which are very involved and require a full film set crew. To save you the google search you can click here to see some of his work.
Or here is an inverview with the great man


TC: Lower Lumsdale Valley 2

Tweaked in Lightroom 3
2 second exposure @ F22.


TC: Lower Lumsdale Valley.

I Love the fore and middle ground on this one..
The Other Side
How unusual a waterfall
I liked the texture of the moss on the trunk.

TC: Lower Lumsdale Valley (Waterfall 2)

Lumsdale Waterfall 2 (Thx Hayden for the great location)

TC: Lower Lumsdale Valley (Waterfall 1)

Waterfall One Plus Thomas.
Thomas and I decided to shoot upto the best gaurded secret in the peak district national park, Lumsdale waterfalls. Here are some of the results.

Railway Museum Visit (Before and After Lightroom)

Before Lightroom 3
After Lightroom 3
Mark Pugh and I visited the Nottingham railway site on ??

This is maybe a llittle OTT for my tastes but I am amazed at what lightroom can do.

Flat and lifeless to colourfull and rich about sums it up, now I just have to learn how to be subtle with the effects.

Picture taken with a loaner of Mark's Canon 400D?


Me putting my oar in again

All 5 this time TOM!

Rainworth Windfarm by night.

Rainworth Windfarm

Rainworth Byepass

Rainworth Bye Pass (View towards bilsthorpe)

Hayden's Photo

I have just seen Hayden's excellent photo of the falls at Lumsdale, which prompted me to do a google search of where Lumsdale was, I found an interesting Wikipedia page here which outlined that it was about three miles outside of Matlock and thought if the weather is OK I might nip up there an take a few pictures. I also found another site which had numerous stunning pictures of the peak district national park (See Here).

Moo Cow Field, under the great waltham mast.

This is the field to the right when you drive in.
This is me reading magazines again!  As in must have foreground interest. I am absolutely amazed what the combination of shooting in RAW + Lightroom 3 can do, after all I just press the button.


TC: Greaves Lane, Edingley

The Woods on Greaves Lane, Edingley, Notts
(It did;nt matter how long I waited no fairies)

TC: Before & After Special - Burford Primary School (Cotswolds)

Burford Primary School Before Photoshop
Burford Primary School After Photoshop


TC: The Maybush Inn (The wife used to work here many years ago)

A TC before and after special.
This is the pub the wife worked in for the year prior to university. It had a little clutter outside, so out came Photoshop.

All cleaned up and no CCTV, Traffic lights or road markings.


TC: Botesford Church

TC: After the fireworks are done, Belvoir Castle by night

1. B and W - Belvoir Castle by night.
2. Playing with colour
3. ?

TC: Thursday after work shots of Bulcote Church (2)

Bulcote Church again, expose changed in Lightroom v3 to return the detail to the sky & then used the exposure brush to lighten the foreground. I am quite happy with this one.

Camera was a Samsung NX10 with 18-55mm lens.

TC: Thursday after work shots of Bulcote Church

Bulcote Church nr Nottingham and apparently listed in the doomsday book.

TC: Bakewell Flowers

Minor Retouch in Adobe Lightroom 3


Crystal Palace TV Mast (Vertical Panorama)

Crystal Palace TV Mast (July 2009) - This one is for Mark & his mast fetish.