Snow Shot By Allan G0IAS



Sky replacement, very loose & quick

A pick sent over by Allan G0IAS and merged with a couple of different skies.
Picture is of the fields behind the village of Drayton, Nr Retford, Notts by Allan Hickman G0IAS.

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Jean & Ken

Sharon & Sara

Sharon & Sara on a rare occasion together in the UK.

Jean @ The Golf, not sure where

Here is the original.

Here is the one cleaned up on Photoshop, Only really had to crop and get rid of the shadows on the left hand side.


New QSL Example for Gary EW1MM

This is a sample QSL for my friend Gary EW1MM who is in Minsk, Belarus.
The card is a line drawing conversion of one of Gary's original images of his ham shack, along with the postal stamp effect.

Here is the original:


Katie Geddes, my wifes cousin. Photo taken at Ken Corbett's 90th birthday party a couple of months ago.

Photoshop work was really only a background blur & a mask so Katie showed through.

Ladies Night Original Photo By Mark Pugh (www.markpugh.com)