Interesting Post from Martin G8JNJ

I have been following Martins (G8JNJ) recent posts on building wideband baluns (Similar to what is fitted to the Comet CH250B verticals), So decided to settle down in the workshop over the weekend and build one. The build was pretty straight forward and the only thing I struggled with was soldering the coax centre to the copper pipe, lukily Tom (G1VMH) had a large soldering iron which was upto the job, once i had this it was plain sailing.
I have tested the WB balun and it seems to work OK. Know all I need to do is to waterproof it so it can spend the rest of the winter outside.

I am thinking about mounting it on to a fibre glass fishing pole on the ridge of the house to give it an extended winter test.

I'll let you know how I get on soon (Pictures to follow).

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