CCNA Certificate (or lack of it)

Managed to get onto the Cisco Certification fulfilment site earlier this evening & have found out the CCNA certification pack shipped on the 2nd September. Usually It takes around a week to transit the atlantic ocean so should have it by now. Will have to chase the post room at work to see if they have received it on monday.
Hmmm blogging when I should be studying, enough said. Reminds me of my brothers school report, Must try harder. But in all honesty there are times when a night off is required and tonight has been one of those nights.

PSK31 Award

Multi Band Worked All Continents Using PSK31
Same As last one except it is for using multiple ham bands. I love the effort put into designing each of the certificates put out by the European PSK Club.
PSK Stands for Phase Shift Keying to the un-initiated.

PSK31 Award

Worked all continents using PSK31 on 20m Band.
Once again a highly detailed certificate I'd like to know who does the designs for these?

Any one know?

CCNA Security Exam (640-553) Booked for early October

Finally got around today to booking the next Cisco exam which is the CCNA Security (Exam Number 640-553) it is booked for the 1st week in October provisionally and I may need to move this if I find I need more time, I also have the examcram book for this exam, and it looks like this and internet access to the Cisco site might be my only resources for this exam. I'll let you know how I get on as I go through the study.


The Freddo's Return

Also today a nice surprise from the directors of Firebrand training turned up, it contained a short letter and a box of 60 Freddo bars, I and my slowly fattening coleagues would very much like to say thank you for the gift, unexpected but appreciated greatly.

It also proves to me that their are people out their who actually read this blog.

Best wishes to them and all the trainers, I for one would not hesitate to go back.


CCENT Certificate arrives

As you will probably be aware been on leave for the passed couple of weeks & returned to work today. I had a pile of emails and unopened mail as is to be expected, but also had a package from Firebrand training but was slightly more interested in what Cisco had sent me, So opened that 1st. The Cisco package had my CCENT certificate and ID Card and it looks like Cisco have also improved the quality of the certificates, as they are of a much better quality than earlier ones.