What to study next?

Have been thinking about what to study next, after having completed the CCNA as I really need to keep up the momentum and have been looking long and hard at the Cisco certification site.

Ladies and Gentleman the choice is CCNA Security

The reasoning behind this is that security has always interested me, so why not do something that interests me this time, hopefully that will make the effort required to cover the subject matter so much easier. Also I have the CBT Nuggets video's for this cert which I purchased around xmas time but had to get the CCNA out of the way 1st for work.

So study resources are as follows:
  1. ExamCram 2: CCNA Security Study Guide
  2. CBT Nuggets for CCNA Security
  3. Measure up Online practice exams (Allows me to do a practice exam every day over lunch)
  4. The Probably the Cisco press official cert guide for CCNA Security, have not got this yet, will wait and see if it is necessary.

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